Hat Inspirations From European Fashion Capitals III

Monte Carlo: The Floppy Hat

There are two types of accessories that I have never really taken much liking to; the necklaces and hats!
Well, about the latter, I may eventually have a change of heart, at least after I saw how cute the floppy hat can be, especially when it is in a very striking color.

You will be pleased to know that this particular hat is one of those accessories that can be moved from the kaftan beach look, to a tight and vest look; all for one cause, which is to keep out the sun.

I believe every woman loves an accessory that they can be able to switch with the different items in their wardrobes. That is what the floppy hat does for you.

If you are stepping out to a polo game, then you can add your floppy hat to your shift dress and wedges look. That way, you have a well accessories look, but also keeping out the sun at the same time.

Alternatively, you can wear this hat to a carnival, in true costume manner. But this means the hat needs to also have a fun element to it.

Doesn’t a floppy hat just have a certain je ne sails quoit? In all sorts of colors, shapes, embellishments, and textures, there’s no shortage of styles to choose from within the category — and while Monte Carlo might not be a fashion capital per Se, it’s surely a place that appreciates elevated style. The important thing with a floppy hat? Make sure it fits properly, lest it makes you a fashion victim.

Paris : The Beret Hat

We all know that popular French legend has it that Noah discovered the beret. According to myth, he was cleaning the Ark and discovered a mesh of wool that had been trodden to felt by a hundred hooves. Get viola: the beret, derived from the Latin Barrett (meaning ‘a cap’), was born.

The beret gained vital importance in rural Pyrenees society and took on a host of other functions: berets were used as a place to hide money or a bag for gathering fruit, and the ‘stem’ in the middle was even said to ward off the devil.

It cannot be denied that the beret has a strong association with France, beret has been worn in the rest world throughout history, and the French don’t claim to have invented it. In fact, they credit Noah with its invention. Supposedly, when he was floating around in his ark getting rained on, he noticed that the wool on the floor in the sheep pen had been trampled and turned into felt. He cut out a circle, put it on his head to keep his hair dry, and voila! The first beret.

From above mentioned, we can conclude that different capitals embrace different hats, which represent various culture background and local customs to some extent. If you plan the next travel to Europe, this paper will provide you a good reference in packing up a hat.

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